For many people, the most strenuous and potentially dangerous elements of bathing are the times when they must step over the edge of the bath and either lower themselves down or stand up.  If you are having difficulty getting in and out of the bath easily then the Dietz Kanjo bathlift from MMS Medical could be the answer. The Kanjo Bathlift provides safety and freedom during bathing for those with limited mobility or recovering from temporary injury illness or injury. A Kanjo bathlift ( or bathchair)  is a powered device that provides assistance to get into and out of their bath safely and securely. The Kanjo bathlift comprises of a seat and backrest, together with an electrically controlled lift mechanism that is safe to use in water.

The ergonomically shaped seat and back ensure relaxed bathing position and comfort. The Kanjo bathlift allows for adjustable lying positions at the touch of a button to suit the individual user needs. Suitable for use with most normal bath tub sizes, the clean lines and stylish design fits unobtrusively in any bathroom setting.  The stable, skin friendly and non-slip surface ensures user well being and contentment during bathing. The bathlift can be folded into two main components for easy storage and transportation.

  • Suitable for most normal bath tubs
  • Manual control unit with helical cable and battery charger
  • Skin-Friendly and Non-Slip Surface
  • Lower Back up to 40°
  • Continuous variable raising and lowering at the touch of a button
  • Extremely stable base plate (53cm X 22cm)
  • Can be folded into 2 main components
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