An attractive design with maximum functionality distinguishes the Avero Viva Lifting Bath Tub

The special feature about the Avero Viva Lifting Bath Tub from MMS Medical is the timeless design, which is reflected in a clean and sleek outer form, and a very attractive bathtub interior in the shape of the body. Our research has shown that new developments within nursing and care homes have increased the demand for more attractive and modern bathtub shapes. The Avero Viva Lifting Bath Tub meets these demands. The ergonomic bathtub interior offers the resident /patient enough space around the shoulders and ensures the use of suitable seat and bath lifts. The Avero Viva Lifting Bath Tub can be accessed underneath from all sides so that you can work easily with bath lifts, even in the smallest of space. Armrests with premium grab handles, guides for the footrest embedded into the edge of the bath and scald protection for the hand shower and bath tap ensure maximum comfort and safety while bathing. The bathtub is operated with a control pad featuring symbols. A thermostatic mixer, mounted onto the tub rim, maintains the desired temperature which increases bathing safety of the bath in a domestic environment.

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Benefits for residents, patients and care staff…
  • Simple operation using control pad
  • Homely look
  • Safety modules prevent incorrect operation
  • Pore-free surface for simple cleaning and optimum hygiene
  • Ergonomic work with bath height adjustment
  • Ergonomic bath interior allows comfortable and safe bathing of the resident
  • Armrests with handles for more comfort and safety
  • Scald protection for hand shower and bath tap
  • Lots of shoulder space for the resident
  • Unrestricted access for all hoists