Pool Hoists / Lifts

MMS Medical supply and install patient lifting solutions into swimming pools, hydrotherapy and spa facilities, hotels, leisure centres, educational and sport complexes.

We work with architects, engineers and major contractors in the supply and installation of pool hoists in both public and private buildings. MMS Medical provides a full turn-key solution for pool-side hoists from design consultancy, technical assistance through to installation. Our highly skilled fitters will install the correct pool hoist and supporting equipment to make your pool area fully accessible to people with disabilities and limited mobility.

The market-leading Dipper Pool-Side Hoist design is both flexible and highly functional ensuring safe and comfortable access to the water in multiple pool environments. Easy to use and operate the pool-side hoist is also available with sling, chair or stretcher attachments to meet user needs.

New to MMS Medical, the ISwim pool lift is a cutting-edge solution that provides easy access to swimming pools for individuals with mobility challenges. Designed specifically for use at swimming pools, therapy pools, and leisure centres, the ISwim pool lift is available in three options – ISwim 1 & 2 mobile pool lift, and ISwim 3 fixed pool lift, providing flexibility and versatility to meet different accessibility needs.


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