A power wheelchair manoeuvres by turning on a fixed, drive-wheel pivot point, creating what is commonly known as the power chair drive system. A rear-wheel drive power chair turns on a pivot point located in the back. When choosing a power wheelchair base, the drive wheel configuration must be considered. Front-wheel, mid-wheel and rear-wheel drive each have their own advantages and a user needs to their needs and how the electric wheelchair will be used when determining a drive wheel configuration. Our MMS team will help you to choose the correct option from our large range of powerchairs.

Rear-wheel drive power wheelchairs offer many benefits to users. A rear-wheel drive powerchair provides exceptional outdoor performance and handling while ensuring tight space manoeuvrability indoors. Suitable for tougher outdoor terrain, rear wheel drive powerchairs are equipped with independent suspension or shock absorbers on all wheels to ensure a smoother ride and great stability.


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