With its extensive adjustment options, the SANGOadvanced ensures ergonomic sitting and positioning for a long-lasting, comfortable restoration. A powerful drive, freely selectable as rear-wheel (RWD), rear-wheel (MWD) or front-wheel drive (FWD), provides optimum ride comfort.

One of the key challenges is ergonomic sitting and positioning. The seat module has a very wide range, in which fine adjustments and adjustments can be made for complete adjustment. Biomechanically running armrests always give the patient support in the right place – regardless of the posture taken.
With a variety of seat and back cushion variants can be counteracted the most diverse clinical pictures.

The extensive configuration options and options can be found in the order form.

  • Castor wheels 9″
  • Drive Wheels 14″
  • Suspension on drive wheels
  • Frame colours: Red, Blue or Gold
  • Flip-up armrests
  • 50 Ah batteries
  • Swing-away joystick bracket


The Dietz Sango RWD Advanced is ranked No. 3 on contract HSE 9233 in the following category: Lot 1.08 Powered Adult Indoor/Outdoor Adjustable Rear Wheel Drive.

For full specification of the Dietz Sango RWD Advanced on HSE 9233 please contact your local product specialist or call us on 021 4618000