Are you sitting comfortably? The range of specialist seating at MMS Medical has been developed on the needs and recommendations of Healthcare professional. So, you can rest assured they are fit for purpose and provide the utmost comfort and support for everyone. The innovative chair designs meet the postural and pressure management needs of ambulant or semi-ambulant users seated for long periods of time whether at home, recovering from an illness or in long term care environments. Our riser recliners chairs gently lift individuals to a standing position without placing significant pressure on limbs and joints enabling independent transfer where possible.

We offer a large range of upholstery options and colours for our chairs, to suit every requirement and taste. Our team of seating experts understand how important it is to make the right choice and can help you through the process. Finding a chair to suit a family member or your need starts with a good assessment – call our specialist seating team today to arrange a free assessment.


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