Astor Aquba Height Adjustable Washbasin

Astor Aquba Height Adjustable Washbasin

The Astor Aquba Height Adjustable Washbasin sets the standard in compact, integrated design, delivering exceptional wheelchair accessibility and optimal suitability for under-window installations. Crafted with precision in the United Kingdom, this basin seamlessly marries boutique aesthetics with practicality, making it an ideal enhancement for any bathroom space. Developed in close collaboration with end-users, every facet of the Aquba basin has been meticulously refined to facilitate effortless access while upholding an elegant demeanor. Details include a smooth graduated design to the front of the basin, a simple to operate click-clack waste, and sculpted minimal casing below the basin.

A pivotal innovation of the Astor Aquba is its dual-height preset functionality, enabling swift adjustments between two distinct basin heights to cater to diverse user preferences – an invaluable feature for shared spaces. Additional height refinements are effortlessly attainable through intuitive up/down arrow controls, ensuring a tailored experience.

User safety and precision are paramount considerations, manifesting in the inclusion of a lockout mechanism to prevent unintended adjustments and an anti-trap sensor to mitigate potential hazards. The Astor Aquba can be wall-mounted at any height to suit the users.



The Astor Aquba height adjustable washbasin is the smallest completely integrated unit available, making it one of the most wheelchair accessible basins, and perfect for under window installations. It can be preset to function at two heights, has load bearing hand/towel rails and a smooth Corian style basin finish.


Standard Features:

  • Corian style basin and cover finishes
  • 300 mm smooth height adjustment (<12 seconds)
  • 150 kg maximum load
  • Integrated control panel
  • 2 settable height positions
  • Integrated load bearing rails
  • Click-clack waste
  • Lock-out functionality & anti-trap sensor



  • Width of basin: 600mm, 750mm and 900mm
  • Colour of rails: Coral, Silver, Matte Black
  • Tap Style: Java style tap (long lever tap fitted as standard)

Technical Specification

IP Rating: Tested in accordance to IPX4
Supply Voltage: 230v (UK and Australia)
Maximum Working Load: 150kg
A weighted sound emission: LAeq 51 db
Width: 600mm/750mm/900mm
Depth: 535mm
Weight of Product: 600mm: 41.3kg 750mm: 45.6kg 900mm: 48.8kg
Ambient temperature range: 0-50 C
Relative humidity range: 20-100 C


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