A power wheelchair manoeuvres by turning on a fixed, drive-wheel pivot point, creating what is commonly known as the ‘power chair drive system. A Front-wheel drive power chairs turn on a pivot point located in front. Front-wheel, mid-wheel and rear-wheel drive each have their own advantages and a user needs to consider their requirements and how the electric wheelchair will be used when determining a drive wheel configuration. We supply a range of options and our MMS Team will be happy to assist in choosing the correct power chair drive system.

Front-wheel drive electric wheelchairs can truly benefit many individuals. One of the biggest advantages is there is more force distributed to each of the four tires, because there are two fewer tires in contact with the ground, unlike with other drive wheel configurations. On front-wheel drive power chairs a wheelchair user’s feet can be positioned easily because there are no front castor wheels on the motorized wheelchair. The user’s feet can be closer to his or her body for comfort. Plus, 90-degree footrests can be added. Front-wheel drive power wheelchairs have a lower seat-to-floor height which allows users to fit more easily under standard size tables and desks, enhancing their inclusion and social interaction. A front-wheel drive design is also an ideal option for indoor manoeuvrability, easily navigating tight corners within the home.


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