The F5 Corpus is a durable, powerful and stable front wheel drive power wheelchair combined with the best seating system on the market – the Corpus seat. The seating system is designed to effectively support the clinical, functional and lifestyle needs of active users.

The latest version of the Vertical Stander (VS) offers all the power seat functions of the Corpus seat plus an innovative new way of standing, allowing you to choose from two positions, Sit-to-stand or Lay-to-stand. Giving you greater independence and freedom, the F5 Corpus  features fully independent suspension and automatic, self-adjusting support wheels, providing a new level of comfort and stability, especially when you stand and drive, indoors or outdoors!

A range of alternative driving controls for non-joystick drivers is available, as well as separate controls for assistants/caregivers. For transport purposes, the upper part of the backrest can be removed to reduce the overall size of the wheelchair.

  • Comfort

All the benefits of the ergonomically designed Corpus seating system are now available on the Corpus VS.

  • Stability

Powered self-adjusting support wheels for stability while standing and safe negotiation of obstacles while standing and driving.

  • Stand and drive

Choose between Sit-to-stand or Lay-to-stand, or have both! Stand and drive mode is also made easier at any standing angle.

  • Comfort Ride

Comfort Ride Fully independent suspension in a fi nely tuned power base provides a higher level of comfort and stability, indoor and outdoor. Saving your energy for the important things in life.

  • Control

The latest driving and seat positioning controls. Full colour LCD display with memory functions, speedometer and clock.

  • Independence

Capable of raising you 35cm, the AP seat elevator gives users unparalleled functional independence and access.

  • Easy to service

Due to the special chassis, the F5 is very easy to service

  • Performance

Powerful new motors combined with front wheel drive and ESP (Enhanced Steering Performance) give you speed and freedom of movement. Go where you want to go.

  • Special solutions

Permobil also offers special made-to-measure solutions to fulfil your personal wishes. Contact your Permobil dealer if you want any other options.