Evacuation Chairs

An evacuation chair from MMS Medical provides a simple and safe solution for the evacuation of a colleague in the case of emergency from multi-storey buildings. When the situation demands, a single user can assist in the evacuation of a colleague with a smooth, controlled stairway descent for both user and operator with no heavy lifting or manual handling required.
The evacuation chair is a lightweight and easy to use device which glides effortlessly down stairways to assist in the speedy and secure evacuation of people who would otherwise struggle to exit quickly in an emergency situation. Ideal for those who may have reduced or limited mobility, have an injury or a medical condition. The evacuation chairs can be stored neatly on your premises and MMS Medical will provide all the information you require to operate and maintain your evacuation chair. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 4618000 or via email info@mmsmedical.ie with any queries you may have.


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