When the situation demands, a single user can assist in the evacuation of a colleague over stairs with a smooth, controlled descent with no heavy lifting or manual handling required.

Meet workplace safety obligations

For multi-storey buildings, the strategic placing of Evacusafe’s chairs, together with on or off-site training, will help your organisation meet the duty of care in risk assessments, DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) and emergency evacuation procedures.

There are many reasons as to why a person may require assistance during an emergency situation, or simply to getting around a building on a daily basis.  Some examples could be a physical disability, an injury, heavy stages of pregnancy or other medical conditions.  An evacuation chair provides the perfect solution for most situations.

  • 4 permanently deployed wheels with safety break on rear
  • A flat seat
  • Arm and foot rests
  • Padded head cushion
  • Metal buckle lap safety belt
  • Anti-slip operator handles
  • Fold flat for wall mounting
  • Easy and safe manoeuvrability when on any level ground
  • Familiar and comfortable seating position
  • Foot and arm rests help to relax the client
  • Cushion offers support of head during the descent
  • Client feels secure once fastened
  • Extra handling grip for operator during use
  • Takes up minimal wall space