Wash & Dry Toilets

At MMS Medical we know how important daily hygiene is and our range of bathing and toileting products are designed to make everyday necessities easier. Research shows that toileting hygiene with warm water is more thorough, more gentle and more beneficial than with toilet paper. A shower toilet is essentially a combination of a normal toilet and a bidet. Depending on the model selected, a shower toilet provides flushing, washing and warm air drying in one simple operation. It is user-friendly for people who have restricted use of their hands and provides improved hygiene for all users.

The shower toilets are designed to fit multi care environments and in home bathrooms.  Sleek lines and elegant contours ensures there is no compromise on style. A shower toilet is suitable for all users so a shower toilet installation saves valuable space and also looks good. Our shower toilets are easy to operate and provide the required hygiene for users.

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