Looking at different types of chair we see that seat height and depth, arm support, even firmness of cushion can affect how much we alter our position for greater support or to relieve pressure in muscles and joints. It is important to match the features of the chair with the physical needs of the user, as well as considering where the chair will be used and what the user will be doing when sitting.

By doing this, we can hope to see the benefits of good sitting such as more active and constructive lifestyles, faster recuperation from illness, maintenance of body shape and prevention of pressure related problems. In turn, these benefits can lead to greater independence for the user, improved well-being and happier lifestyles. We offer a large range of upholstery options and colours for our chairs, to suit every requirement and taste. Our team of seating experts understand how important it is to make the right choice and can help you through the process. Finding a chair to suit your needs starts with a good assessment – call our specialist seating team today to arrange a free assessment.


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