Introducing the Tri-Chair One, a new seating solution from MMS Medical designed specifically for adults in need of moderate support without compromising on comfort. With its innovative features, this chair is the ultimate choice for individuals seeking optimal seating.

The Tri-Chair One boasts an adjustable seat height, allowing for effortless transitions between sitting and standing. Additionally, its unique pivoting Tilt-in-Space feature ensures that the occupant can be tilted forward and backward, all while maintaining pelvic stability and distributing body weight evenly. This effectively reduces pressure build-up over a larger surface area, promoting comfort and well-being.

Adaptable and versatile, the Tri-Chair One can easily transform into a sophisticated nursing care chair as conditions progress or when assigned to a new user. By increasing the seat height and incorporating an angle-adjustable, flip-up footplate, along with the back angle recline option, this chair becomes suitable for individuals with more demanding requirements.

Experience the utmost in comfort and support with the Tri-Chair One from MMS Medical – the perfect seating solution for those who deserve the best.


Tri-Chair One is most suitable for the following users:

  • Adults requiring comfort and moderate postural support when seated
  • Ambulant and Semi-ambulant users who may require assistance when getting in or out of the chair
  • Those requiring to sit with their feet on the floor as opposed to resting their feet on an elevated footplate
  • Users with complex sitting postures would be better suited to either the Tri-Chair Two or Tri-Chair Three.