MMS Medical supplies a wide range of bathing equipment for those with reduced mobility. The range of assisted baths are designed to suit all needs. Our assisted baths have been installed in both homes and hospitals and other health care environments. The range of baths are often used in conjunction with a choice of one of the MMS ceiling hoists which allows for safe and simple access to the bath.

Our baths have been developed in close cooperation with nursing staff and occupational therapists. Ergonomic interiors, easy access, height adjustable, simple operational elements, automatic bath filling, integrated disinfection system are just some of the features that provide comfort and safety for the bath user and facilitate everyday work for nursing staff. Relaxation is a high priority and many of our baths come with the option of integrated aromatherapy systems, air spa systems, light therapy and music therapy guaranteeing a relaxing and therapeutic bathing experience for the user.


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