The INVITA sitting and showering bath tub from MMS Medial offers a unique concept to combine bathing and safe showering. The tub enhances the independence of the resident and preserves his dignity due to the possibility of self-entry into the tub. Safe entry is supported by handles mounted on both sides of the tub rim and the horizontal position of the foot area gives additional hold. Of course, patient lifts can also be used for transfer into the tub.

The INVITA requires very little space and is therefore especially suited for small space concepts. The tub can be filled within a very short time, thus improving water consumption. The process is devised so as to allow for exceptionally fast emptying. This facilitates the bathing process additionally. A built-in thermostat provides protection against scalding from the tub spout and the hand shower and thus guarantees full safety.

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Benefits for your nursing staff and your residents…
  • Absolutely safe sitting and bathing positions, without the risk of sliding down
  • The possibility of self-entry maintains and stimulates mobility and preserves the dignity of the resident
  • Specially shaped seat with hygiene opening for better hygiene in the intimate areas
  • Protection against scalding at the hand shower and tub spout
  • Non-porous surface for easy cleaning and optimum hygiene
  • Low water consumption and very fast emptying of the tub
  • Low space requirements
  • Stepless electric tilting facility
  • Special keyhole shape of the inner tub body
  • Can be used without a hoist
  • Safety modules prevent faulty operation