The concept of the AVERO Motion E from MMS Medical is to simplify showering or bathing, support the mobility of the resident and give them the opportunity to take a relaxing full bath. With a big door opening to the side, it is possible for mobile and partly mobile patients to enter the bathtub on their own. The base frame is freely accessible from underneath, and transfer by means of a NORA active hoist or a CARLO sling hoist is thus possible. The entry height can be lowered to 49 cm which allows for easy self-entry even from a wheelchair.

In developing the AVERO Motion E, care was taken to ensure that there was enough space and comfort even for larger and heavier residents …

Compared to many other bathtubs, the AVERO Motion E from MMS Medical has more space in the seat and shoulder areas precisely for bigger residents. The newly developed inner profile of the tub further offers a large and comfortable lying area for smaller and bigger residents. The ergonomic inner structure and homely character of the tub shape provide an overall sense of protection to the bather and in this way greatly enhance his well-being. Comfortable interior with abundant space in the shoulder and seat areas.
The dimensions of the AVERO Motion E are significantly smaller than those of a conventional care tub. Savings of up to 50 cm of space can be made compared to a standard height-adjustable tub, but without reduction of the inner dimensions of the tub for the bather. You can position the AVERO MOTION E tub in the room wherever you like.