The modern, elegant and timeless tub shape of the Avero Comfort from MMS Medical fits unobtrusively in your new nursing bathroom and gives your residents, your staff and visitors at the same time the impression of a domestic surrounding.

A special feature of the Avero Comfort is it’s extraordinary stability, the tub stands solidly in the room and can be adjusted to the room conditions in an optimal way. Without compromising the beauty of the tub or the aesthetics of your nursing bathroom, this unique tub design enables the tub to be rotated and placed in the room in such a way that the resident can look freely around the room while bathing. This greatly enhances the feeling of wellbeing of the bather.
The optimum solution for your nursing staff and your residents …
AVERO Comfort combines wellness and nursing perfectly and supports your nursing staff optimally in the daily care routine …

Benefits for the resident
  • Easy operation by means of a keypad and symbols
  • Continuous height adjustment for optimum working height
  • Non-porous surface for easy cleaning and optimum hygiene
  • The optional automatic water stop saves time and costs and allows for the nursing staff to fully concentrate on the resident

The AVERO Comfort lifting tub from MMS Medical offers your resident and your nursing staff maximum safety and comfort at all times …

Benefits for the nursing staff
  • Ergonomic interior tub body for comfortable and safe bathing with and without hoist
  • Arm rests with grips for more comfort and safety
  • Optional tub shortener for a secure hold when bathing
  • Domestic appearance
  • Scalding protection for hand shower and tub spout
  • Numerous options for relaxing wellness bathing