The tub stands firmly on the floor with no fixation and can be optimally adjusted to your nursing bathroom. The tub body and foot area of the AVERO Phoenix tub allow for the use of all modern bath lifts and hoists available in the market.

The lowered leg area and the specially adjusted back profile of the tub body, with distinctive arm supports, form a balanced ergonomic inner shape of the tub which allows the resident to lie down in the tub in a relaxed and ergonomic manner. This proves to be of great advantage especially when using a seat lift, as it provides additional support to the resident inside the tub. The seating position is also equipped with a hygienic opening section which facilitates easy access for intimate cleaning.

Safety and comfort while bathing …

The operating and control unit of the AVERO Phoenix lifting tub is easy to use by staff. Special safety systems for the tub spout and hand shower protect the resident from scalding. High-quality chrome-plated grab handles in an unique design and additional slots integrated in the tub rim for the tub shortener give the tub not only a distinctive look but also excellent support and a feeling of safety to the resident who can enjoy the bath in complete relaxation.

The AVERO Phoenix is the optimum solution for your nursing staff and your residents.

The AVERO Phoenix tub from MMS Medical has been developed on the basis of the latest findings and in collaboration with nursing staff and occupational therapists. Selected high-quality materials, a clear design and above all the ergonomic tub interior body give the resident an opportunity to enjoy a bathing experience at the highest level. The bathroom is given a completely new look with an appealing design.

Benefits for your nursing staff and your residents …
  • Simple operation via a membrane keypad containing icons
  • Safety modules prevent faulty operation
  • Non-porous surface for simple cleaning and optimum hygiene
  • Works in an ergonomic manner, height adjustment of the tub to the working height required
  • Ergonomic tub interior body allows comfortable and safe bathing of the resident with or without hoist
  • Arm supports with grab handles for added comfort and safety
  • Integrally formed seat with hygiene opening section for better intimate cleaning
  • More than sufficient space for the resident’s shoulders
  • Double scalding protection for the hand shower and tub spout
  • Suitable for all hoists