Tilt In Space Wheelchair

The Fuze JR is a Tilt-in-Space wheelchair designed for children. With an adjustable the wheelchair frame that can be adapted to the growth of the occupant. It provides a tilt range of 50° which is virtually maintenance-free due to its unique single-point centre-of-gravity pivot. Its effortless positioning performance facilitates pressure relief, feeding and respiratory function.

  • 50˚ of manual tilt
  • Constant center of gravity
  • Adjustable axle and seat height
  • Short wheelbase for maneuverability
  • Narrow overall width
  • Transit tie-down
  • Low seat-to-floor height


The PDG Fuze Junior is ranked No. 1 on contract HSE 9233 in the following category: 2.05 Tilt in Space, attendant propelled, rigid frame, durable, adjustable for growth.

For full specification details of the PDG Fuze Junior on HSE 9233, please contact your local MMS Medical product specialist or call us on 021 4618000.