Tilt In Space Wheelchair

The Bentley is a Manual Tilt-in-Space designed to offer up to 20° of tilt from the front of the seat, making it an excellent choice for postural positioning and allowing the user to keep their feet on the ground even while the chair is tilted. With a short wheelbase and easy foot and hand propulsion in tilt the position, the Bentley is truly designed to provide the benefits of tilt with mobility independence.

  • 20° of manual tilt without knee rise
  • Durable construction for heavy use
  • Adjustable wheel location
  • Short wheelbase for maneuverability
  • Available in heavy duty / extra wide version
  • Low seat-to-floor height
  • Foot and hand propel in tilted position
  • Transit tie-down


The PDG Bentley is ranked No. 3 on HSE 9233 contract in the following category :

Sub lot 1.11 Tilt in Space, Robust, Attendant/Self Propelled Heavy Duty Wheelchair.

For full specification details or further information on the PDG Bentley please contact your local MMS Medical product specialist or call us on 021 4618000.