Canto Nxt gives you space.

The Canto Nxt has been specially designed for permanent wheelchair users who need the support of a companion. The chair has a wide range of adjustment options and uses.
It offers you ample moving space, both literally and figuratively: both for the client and for you.

The Canto Nxt is versatile, reusable, and extremely comfortable. The multifunctional tilting frame has a large seat-tilt range and forms a stable basis for the various drive and construction variants. Combining it with the Matrixx seat system creates even more room for customisation. The chair can be completely tailored to the individual user.
For your client, this means: a chair that is always comfortable to sit in and easy to operate manually or propel by foot, and which offers its users extensive freedom of movement!

The Canto Nxt is available as a self-propelled wheelchair or push wheelchair. Besides that the Canto Nxt can be supplied with two seat elements from the Matrixx seat system: Snellius and Kelvin.