One of five people will have a stoke at some time in their life. Most are over 65’s but stroke can strike at any age. If you, a friend or a family member has suffered a stroke then you will be all to well aware of the need for timely intervention by medical and health professionals. With years of research and increasing public awareness , we now know that strokes are very treatable and if the right actions are taken quickly, a patient may not have long term effects.

MMS Medical has been providing support equipment to stroke patients for over 30 years. Stroke rehabilitation and recovery can take time and the correct equipment can assist the patient in returning to his or her daily activities and increasing their independence. MMS Medical works with the HSE, public and private hospitals, nursing homes, charities and private clients.  We provide assessment support and product advice to key medical professionals such as occupational therapists, physiotherapist and nursing and medical staff in the area of stroke rehabilitation and recovery.

MMS Medical is delighted to support this years Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery Conference 2019. The conference is on March 1st from 8.30am to 4.30pm at the Radisson Hotel Little Island. Cork. This years’ conference is supported by the HSE, Cork Stroke Support Group, University College Cork and Headway (Brain injury Support Service).

This is the 3rd educational conference of St Finbarr’s Hospital Stroke Rehabilitation Unit and the wider stroke service. The conference is aimed at medical, nursing, allied health professionals, students, stroke survivors and their carers. A great line up of speakers from medical and educational fields will address a wide variety of topics. Speakers on the day also include stroke survivors who will describe their personal experiences.

MMS Medical will be exhibiting the latest in a range of products which are suitable for patients recovering form strokes. Our range of wheelchairs and mobility equipment provide the necessary support for those with long term paralysis. Rehabilitation and recovery varies from person to person but the key focus is about getting you back to normal life and achieving the best level of independence you can.  We supply the necessary equipment to hospitals and rehabilitation centres to assist in a patients recovery.

Once discharged from hospital, you may have to make certain adaptations at home to assist in daily activities. If you may have difficulty going up the stairs so a stairlift would provide the solution.  Difficulties with bathing and toileting can be helped with the correct equipment to ensure safety and comfort of the patient. A shower chair, assisted bath, commodes are available to make you home more accessible. Our range of riser recliners also provide the necessary postural support and make getting in and out of the chair easier with the lift and recline functions. All of these products are designed with the patient in mind and will fit seamlessly into your home.

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