Lightweight Folding Wheelchair Offering Effective Posture Support

The TGA Strongback offers something that the traditional wheelchair is unable to provide, an improved seat angle and a curvature in the chairs supportive frame. This prompts upright and healthier posture, more-so than many conventional manual wheelchairs would. The TGA Strongback improves lumbar support and prevents curvature of the spine over much use. Slipping or slouching in the chair is prevented due to the angle of the seat aligning the pelvis, improving circulation and reducing tension. Constructed with an aluminium frame, it is lightweight (11.3kgs) ensuring easy transport of the chair.

  • Developed ergonomic backrest improving comfort and posture
  • Easy to manoeuvre and transport due to its light weight
  • Quick release 24” rear wheels
  • Front wheels 6”
  • Only weighs 11.3kg
  • 21 stone user weight capacity (135kg)
  • Compatible with TGA available Powerpacks
  • Seat Base angle of 12deg
  • Backrest angle of 65deg
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