The standard CANEO_B model with its reliable, sturdy steel frame and two seat height settings offers outstanding value for money while at the same time satisfying all basic day-to-day care requirements.

Product details (standard configuration)
  • Tipping stability up to 10°
  • Back angle 3°, seat angle 3°
  • Adjustable arm rests in Desk and Long versions
  • Flip-back side panel
  • Adjustable lower leg length in 15 mm steps from 41 to 51 cm
  • Swing-away/detachable leg rests
  • Height-adjustable foot plates with heel strap
  • Locking brake / drum brake (depending on model)
  • Rear wheel 24“, PU incl. quick-release axle
  • Front wheel 7“, PU
  • Covers made of high-quality plastic