The PDG Eclipse is a rigid manual wheelchair designed for bariatric users. A number of size options are available to support weights of up to 272kg. The optional HD package allows for weights up to 453kg to be supported. Optimal weight balance on the rear wheels is achieved with forward extended castors and allows for excellent manouverability. The compact chair design and narrow overall width facilitates easier movement through doors. The adjustable seat depth and back angle enhance comfort and posture control. Easily transported thanks to the removable wheels, backrests, armrests and front riggings.


The Eclipse is a rigid chair designed for the bariatric user. Available with seat widths of up to 48” and depths of up to 24”, the Eclipse supports up to 272kg of occupant weight. Forward extended casters achieve optimal weight balance on the rear wheels for excellent maneuverability.


  • Supports weights up to 272kg
  • Optional HD package available for weight up to 453kg.
  • Dynamic back recline option
  • Forward wheelbase for excellent manouevrability
  • Narrow Overall Width
  • Easily transportable
  • Rigid frame for strength

Technical Specification

SEAT WIDTH                        20″ – 48″

SEAT DEPTH                        16″ – 24″

FRONT SEAT HEIGHT       14.5″ – 20″

BACK ANGLE                        85 – 100

MAX CAPACITY                    600lbs / 272kg

BACK HEIGHT                      25″ & 30″

CHAIR WEIGHT                   44lbs / 20kg

OVERALL WIDTH                7.5″




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