Ope-Measure Hoist Weigh Scales

Ope-Measure Hoist Weigh Scales

The Digital Lift Scale gives mobile hoists and ceiling hoists systems the capability of weighing the user. It enables health professionals to weigh patients during transfer in quickly and easily. The digital lift scale is easy to use and operate. Simply press upon the two buttons to finish the weighing procedure and receive an accurate result.

The hoist scale has HOLD and TARE function, and uses ordinary AAA batteries, CE-marked and medically approved.  Suitable for use in Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Hospices and Domestic Homes. Choice of 300kg or 400kg scales.

The Ope-Measure Hoist Scales is compatible with out range of Ceiling Hoists, Bariatric Ceiling Hoists , Mobile Hoists, and HSE 12160 Contract Overhead Hoists 





The Ope-Measure Hoist Scales from MMS Medical is a digital medical lift scale that gives mobile hoist and ceiling/overhead hoist systems the capability of weigh the user.


Model :  Ope-Measure Hoist Scales

Weight Capacity: 300kg / 400kg

Scale Unit : KG

Division: 0.1kg

Outer Diameter : 30mm

Weight : 0.65kg

Power: 3 AAA Batteries

Functions: TARE/HOLD

Application: Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Hospices, Domestic Homes.



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