The reliable everyday help with front wheel drive for  people with oversize and / or weight (up to 250 kg).

The Dietz SANGO XXL meets all the requirements for a reliable XXL supply for its highly ergonomic supply with special heavy-duty features.
The basis of the design is the experience and deduction of the specific requirements of obese patients in everyday life.


The Dietz Sango XXL is ranked no.3 on the HSE 9233 wheelchair contract in the following categories:

Lot 1.09 – Powered Adult Indoor/Outdoor Extra Large 59cm/24″

Lot 1.10 – Powered Adult Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty 71cm /28″


For full HSE 9233 product specification or further information on the Dietz Sango XXL, please contact your local MMS Medical product specialist or call us on 021 4618000