Lightweight Rigid Manual Wheelchair

Available with a fixed or swing-away front frame, the lightweight QUICKIE LIFE R rigid wheelchair can cater for a number of needs and requirements for first-time active wheelchair users. The LIFE R utilises a long established design that is proven to provide a very robust rigid wheelchair that’s energy efficient, weighs only 10.5kg and allows you to fine-tune your adjustments over time.

  • Alter the centre of gravity to make your wheelchair more stable or active, change the rear seat height and increase/decrease the bucket or even increase the wheel camber from 0° to 4°.
  • It’s the ideal active wheelchair for users who need to fine-tune their adjustments over time.
  • Multi-adjustable backrest angle. Lightweight and simple to adjust. Provides 20° of angle adjustment from -12° to +8° in 4° increments.
  • Lightweight height adjustable single post armrest
  • Provides easy transfer and good arm support with a low transport weight.
  • Simple and quick to adjust fork angle with increased angle range to ensure optimal driving performance.


The Quickie Life Rigid is ranked No. 3 on the contract HSE 9233 in the following category: Lot 1.07 Rigid Frame Lightweight Wheelchair. For full specification on the Quickie Life Rigid on HSE 9233 or for further information call us on 021 4618000.

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