Exceptional features, combined with a compact chassis

The Quantum® Q4 is a compact 4mph Mid-Wheel Drive power chair, designed for indoor and outdoor use. The Q4 has been specifically designed with the new ION Seat, which features two individual seat sizes.

The Q4 features mid-wheel 6 design, which enables tight turning radius and outstanding performance making the Q4 an excellent choice for the demands of the most active client.


The Quantum Q4 with ion seating is ranked No.1 on the wheelchair contract HSE 9233 in the following category:

Lot 1.03 Powered Adult Basic, Adjustable Frame, Mid Wheel Drive

For full details on the Quantum Q4 and HSE 9233 product specification, please contact your local MMS Medical product specialist or call us on 021 461800 or email info@mmsmedical.ie