The ideal support for safe and effortless lifting, repositioning and transfer of your residents up to a body weight of 230kg.

The versatile patient lift is suitable for all areas of care.

The CARLO Comfort Alu EP 230 sling hoist has been specially made for lifting, moving and transferring heavy weighted patients until a maximum weight of each resident of 230 kg. Due to the special construction and the steel components the hoist is extra light and easy to move, but still offers the required stability for the care of heavy weighted residents.
The extra wide 4-point-hanger bar made from stainless steel is appropriate for all clip slings and offers sufficient space, also for heavy weighted residents.

Thanks to the electrical positioning system (EPS) of the CARLO Comfort Alu EP, the caregiver can place the resident without any effort into the sitting or lying position and stay at all-time directly in contact with her. In this way the focus remains entirely on the resident, providing an additional feeling of safety while maintaining at the same time an ergonomic working position. The resident can be turned without any problem from a sitting into a lying position and vice versa, and can be placed in an optimal way in bed or on the toilet.

The anti-rotation mechanism (ARM) of the hanger bar avoids an involuntary rotation of the hanger bar during the transfer and reduces uncomfortable rotating and swivelling movements improving the important feeling of safety for the resident. The CARLO Comfort Alu EP offers a lot of space within the hanger bar, which can also be turned 360°.