The BATEC RAPID 2 is the new version of the BATEC RAPID. It features the latest Batec handbike technology in a smaller package than its predecessor, for a product that combines
the best power and agility

The BATEC RAPID 2 handbike features exclusive components like double hydraulic disc brakes and carbon-fibre handlebars. But what will undoubted captivate more than one user is its top speed of 30 km/h.

In addition to saving time on every-day trips, with the BATEC RAPID 2  you’ll enjoy a whole new mobility with guaranteed fun. In your free time, it will be your inseparable companion to get out in the countryside, go on long trips, sightsee… Forest trails, green ways, seaside promenades and hard-to-access villages will no longer be beyond your reach.

Also available for quadriplegics and hemiplegics