Wheelchair Backrest

  • Integrated trunk supports are attached to a planar aluminum backrest shell and may be adjusted for angle, height, and up to a total of 3″ of width to create a custom supportive shape.
  • Aluminum stays on the backside of the two layer foam pad can be molded to support lumbar, scoliosis, and kyphosis needs.
  • Aluminum stays are offset from center of cushion, removing pressure points from the spine.
  • 9″ of total depth adjustment: 5″ in front of canes and 4″ behind the canes.
  • Lightweight durable aluminum shell comes with head support holes.
  • Provides pelvic and scapular relief.
  • Compatible with lateral hardware. A total of 11″ of pad width adjustment (5.5″ per side) and over 5″ of height adjustment.
  • Compatible with head support: 2″ wide x 1″ tall hole pattern.
  • Integrated chest harness strap guides or pre-drilled holes for optional extension strap guides.