Our product Specialist, Colm Walsh,  recently delivered this fantastic Kirton Duo Minor Comfort Chair to a wonderful young client. The customised colour combination of Bubblegum Pink and Graphite Grey give the chair a cool and chic look which fits in perfectly with decor in the girls home. Combining the core sitting principles of correct seat height, seat depth, seat width, arm height and back height this seating option from MMS Medical provides a comfortable and supportive seating solution.The girl sits in a moulded seat for the majority of the day so Colm advised on the Kirton Duo Minor Comfort Chair to provide a comfortable, relaxed and safe position for her in the evenings.


A Dreamline STX cushion was chosen to provide a comfortable, high pressure relieving seat which maintains good pelvis position. The Dreamline STX cushion incorporates “Cluster Gel” packs. These are small stretchy bags of polymer gel pieces which all move independantly of each other in a fluid like way. The packs of gel easily attach anywhere to the comfort wrap of the Dreamline STX cushion offering even further customised positioning & pressure management options.

Selecting lateral supports and winged backrest cushions will help to keep a midline trunk position while sitting in the chair. In addition to the pressure relieving properties of the tilt-in-space, pressure relief in the seat module, a Roho cushion pad was fitted into the backrest to accomodate a prominent area of the clients spine.  Multipositioning options and adjustability of the seat’s core components ensure the seating options can be adjusted to meet the needs as the child grows.  The simple handset is easy to use for family members

The Duo family of multi-positioning seating systems from Kirton at MMS Medical comprises the Duo Major, Duo Minor and Duo Mini. Their dynamic features provide the ultimate in positioning and postural management for those who are at risk of developing an unconventional body shape, unable to maintain a midline position and require additional support.

The adjustability of the Duo range ensures the core principles of seating are met in terms of correct seat height, seat depth, seat width, arm height and back height combined with key features like headrest angle adjustment, back angle recline, tilt-in-space and legrest elevation to create a supportive, yet comfortable seating solution.

The Kirton Duo Chair is the perfect chair for those users requiring the highest level of postural support and specialised seating. The Kirton Duo Chair is available in a wide range of frame sizes and has the flexibility to cope with those users with very complex positioning and sitting needs. MMS Medical offers a large range of upholstery options and colours for our chairs, to suit every requirement and taste.


If you would like more information on the range of Postural Support and Comfort Chairs from MMS Medical or want to arrange a seating assessment, please call us on 021 4618000 / 01 4500582 or email info@mmsmedical.ie