Our Senior Product Specialist, Ian Mold, delivered a Chilli Red Permobil K450 MX powerchair to a very special young client. Delighted with the options and the advantages the new chair provides to our client ensures that ” I can hang out with my friends and rise up to hug my mum ”

I get great job satisfaction when I know that a new chair has given greater independence to a user and in particular to a younger user. Not only do we take the functionality, support and comfort factors into account as standard but its really important for us to understand the child’s daily routine and how this chair supports the child activities and social interaction during the day. The Permobil K450 MX  was a great choice on this occasion and the powered high/low setting makes it possible for children to be at the same level as their peers during playtime, making it easy to sit at a table and to raise up to hug loved ones ” commented Ian.


With a suspension system on every wheel the K450 MX offers a smooth ride; whether you are going down the corridor at school or to the shops.

The powered high/low setting makes it possible for children to get down to the ground. Perfect for listening to a story, or switching to playing with others. The powered high/low setting ranges from 7.6 – 66 cm, making it easy to sit at a table or desk and even to reach down to things on the ground. The K450 MX is is available in a range of cool colours including Chilli Red, Onyx Black, Popstar Pink and Titan Blue.

In addition the K450 MX is equipped with R-net electronics with its numerous electrical options as standard, including powered high/low setting, seat-to-floor adjustment and optional powered seat tilt.

The modular seating system has adjustable leg rests attached in the centre and is supplied with a package for unrestricted growth, something every child needs.

Larger seat dimensions are available; so this wheelchair is also extremely suitable for small adults.

At MMS Medical we have a range of paediatric powerchairs to suit a child’s individual needs. Our paediatric power wheelchairs deliver on safety, stability and as important “ Street Cred “. Engineered to operate in tight child-size space and designed to deliver full rehab capability. The sturdy, compact and highly manouevrable paediatric powerchairs offer children the confidence to move around comfortably. The cool designs are ideal for indoor and outdoor use so there are no limits to what your child can explore and discover.

Our product specialists have first-hand paediatric wheelchair experience and combined with their extensive clinical and technical knowledge will work with you and your child to find the best kids powerchair solution. Contact us for advice on Paediatric Powerchairs on 021 4618000 or 01 4500582 or email the team at info@mmsmedical.ie