The Whill Model C from TGA Mobility kickstarts the year with another industry award .Six leading mobility retailers from across the UK share which products they believe to be best-in-class this January 2020 in the Mobility Retailers Product of the Month Series in THIIS Magazine

Pick of the month: WHILL Model C from TGA Mobility

Selected by Style Mobility UK as it’s choice for January 2020, Sales & Marketing Manager, Scott Smith commented;

  “This month’s choice for Product of the Month is the TGA Whill Model C! The future of transportable power chairs is here! Not only is it simple to dismantle and re-assemble, but it is also one of the most comfortable chairs on the market. Powered wheelchair users generally spend much more time in their seats than the average scooter user so comfort and reliability are essential in the decision-making of customers – the Whill Model C offers both in abundance”

“The front wheels are the unique onmi-wheel system that allows for a very tight turning radius. The technology that comes equipped as standard on this fantastic machine is definitely market-leading, my favourite feature being that the chair can be remotely controlled using an iPhone, meaning that the user can bring the chair to them if needed or an attendant, friend or family can control the chair if required.

The reputation of the TGA Whill C has been growing in Ireland too. MMS Medical Clients have been discovering a newfound freedom and desire to further explore  with the WHILL Model C.  The Model C’s outdoor versatility, speed, long range and ability to be transported in any car is the ideal choice for a powerful yet compact electric chair. Dismantles into 3 easy to lift components that fit neatly into a car boot. MMS Medical was selected Retailer of the Month by TGA Mobility for the launch of the Whill C in Ireland. We’ve even customised a Pink Whill C for a lady client recently.


The TGA WHILL Model C offers a unique 4 wheel drive system, which gives it amazing maneuverability and flexibility. Whether you want to get around at home, at work or out and about shopping, The WHILL Model C is designed to have your needs at the very core of it’s performance abilities.

The powerful TGA WHILL range of electric wheelchairs have been created in a way that perfectly combines a smooth drive with the ability to travel on a wide range of surfaces, allowing you to go further, faster and to more destinations than you would thought possible. The WHILL electric wheelchair offers you a top speed of 4mph, the ability to turn on your own axis, and a range of 15 miles, thus ensuring that you will be comfortable no matter where you choose to go.


Looking for more information on the benefits of the Whill C? Give the MMS Medical team a call on 021 4618000 or email us on to find out more.