The launch of the TGA WHILL Model C has proved a hit with our clients and its successful launch has secured another award for the MMS Medical Team.

We are delighted to have won TGA Dealer of the Quarter for our selling success with WHILL Model C. We are finding the market very receptive to this product as it ideally fills a niche between basic wheelchairs and sophisticated powerchairs. Customers are continually giving us feedback that the WHILL Model C is a preferred solution as it does not resemble a medical product per se – important to our widening customer age bracket. Users from age 25-60+ are looking at the product, especially those who seek short term mobility assistance and are not full time wheelchair users. Individuals who cannot self-propel over larger distances and have some limited walking abilities are choosing the WHILL so they can conserve energy for more independent mobility at home. The WHILL Model C provides a cool and stylish alternative.”

“This trade award from TGA is also indicative of success as a whole across our business. We are one of the largest suppliers of mobility products in Ireland and continue to focus on providing innovative equipment– strengthened by our family-run structure and considered assessment-led services. We have very carefully selected our portfolio which now exceeds 400 products to ensure only quality solutions can be chosen by our valued customers. Partnering with TGA so we can supply the WHILL powerchair, Strongback wheelchairs and wheelchair powerpacks is integral to our growth and respected reputation.”  Gearoid O’Herlihy, Managing Director, MMS Medical

The TGA WHILL Model C offers a unique 4 wheel drive system, which gives it amazing maneuverability and flexibility. Whether you want to get around at home, at work or out and about shopping, The WHILL Model C is designed to have your needs at the very core of it’s performance abilities.

The powerful TGA WHILL range of electric wheelchairs have been created in a way that perfectly combines a smooth drive with the ability to travel on a wide range of surfaces, allowing you to go further, faster and to more destinations than you would thought possible. The WHILL electric wheelchair offers you a top speed of 4mph, the ability to turn on your own axis, and a range of 15 miles, thus ensuring that you will be comfortable no matter where you choose to go.

MMS Medical Clients have been discovering a newfound freedom and desire to further explore and engage in the things you love with the WHILL Model C.  The Model C’s outdoor versatility, speed, long range and ability to be transported in any car is the ideal choice for a powerful yet compact electric chair. Dismantles into 3 easy to lift components that fit neatly into a car boot. For further information on the WHILL C contact us on 021 4618000 or email