xRover Reha All In One M

xRover Reha All In One M

xROVER REHA is a multifunctional medical stroller . Thanks to its design, it allows to transport people with limited mobility and provides them maximum safety and comfort. With the xRover stroller you can safely go hiking, make a trip, engage together in sport activities such as jogging, in-line skating or biking.

xROVER REHA is a certified medical stroller. Its design and construction differs from standard wheelchair. It is very light and very easy to operate even during transport of adults over 120 kg ( depending on model) . It is equipped with many features that make it ideal, not only for simple driving in the city, but also in the field or behind the bicycle wheel, or even in the snow. Available in three models suitable from persons with limited mobility from childhood to adult.

The medium sized xxRover All-in-One model is suitable for older children aged between 7 to 11 years (max height 5’0) and has all the safety and support accessories you’ll need to keep your passenger safe, secure when out and about. Maximum user weight in the MEDIUM size is 120kg.

xROVER REHA is safe, comfortable and practical


The fully equipped xRover REHA M All in One model is a medical stroller/buggy designed with comfort and safety in mind. Ideal travel solution for all terrains and activities including jogging, cycling and skiing.  A wide range of accessories also available including Beach Set to allow easy access to sandy beaches.

Technical Specification

Frame weight:               M – 4,1 kg

Frame material:           aluminium alloys EN AW 6060, 6061, 6082

Curb weight:                  basic 12,9 kg    operation 17,9 kg

Wheel gauge (track width):           ca. 76 cm (guaranteed passage through 80cm door frame)

Wheel-base (rear axle – cross tube of front axle):          M  – 845 mm

Load weight             M – up 80 kg/ up to 150 cm

Rear wheels:       20″ with integrated 70mm drum brakes

Wheel material:   aluminium centre and rim, steel wire spokes , plastic

Rear wheel tyre:               20×1,75 (47-406)

Rear wheel tyre inflation pressure:            3,1-4,2 bar, car tyre valve. Max. pressure in one tyre 4.2 bar!

Front wheel 1:   14″

Wheel material:        aluminium centre and rim, steel wire spokes, plastic

Front wheel tyre:              14×1,75 (47-254)

Front wheel inflation pressure 1: 2,8 bar, car tyre valve. The max. pressure in one tyre 2.8 bar!

Front wheel fork 1:          fixed around vertical axis – suitable for off-road, jogging, inline skating and for higher speeds

Fork material 1:                aluminium alloy EN AW 2017

Front wheel 2:                   6″

Wheel material:               aluminium centre

Front wheel tyre 2:          full rubber (not inflated)

Front wheel fork 2:          rotating around vertical axis – suitable as a baby buggy on hard surfaces and lower speeds

Fork material 2:                 aluminium alloy,    glass-filled plastic


Other important properties:      

  • The front and rear frame arches protect the transported person’s head and body
  •  in case the stroller/baby buggy is overturned/overthrown;
  • The rear axle wheel camber by 10° ensures extreme stability against a side overturn of the stroller/baby buggy;
  • Safety belts with five-point safety buckles;
  • To achieve the maximum service life, all fastening materials are made of stainless steel A2
  • An installed and integrated bag for accessories and personal items;
  • Possibility to modify the handbrake from the right to left version.



  • monolithic alu construction
  • rear 20″ wheels with drum brakes and park lock (felly black or wire)
  • front wheel (spoke or felly) 14″ with fork
  • swivel front wheel 6″ with alu fork
  • draft rod behind the wheel with complete accessories and fender
  • fixation insert
  • canopy
  • rear bag
  • 5points safety belt,
  • mosquito net
  • windstopper
  • raincoat
  • retaining belt
  • wheel bag
  • bum bag or hand bag
  • metal joints TH 900 connecting parts for other models


An extensive range of accessories are available for the xRover Reha All in One S.  Please ask our product specialist for further information.

XRover Universal Beach Set

BEACH set for REHA xRover – absolutely new on the market!

Safety, reliability and functionality are the most important factors when transporting people. The entire BEACH set was therefore independently tested in laboratory conditions at -5 ° C to + 60 ° C, and in real summer conditions up to + 90 ° C.

All components are corrosion resistant.  All tyres are made of high impact and abrasion resistant plastic. Wheel forks and axles are made of high-quality salt-water resistant steel.  Low tyre pressure ensure not only easy terrain but also comfortable seating.  Portable bag is made of washable and non-absorbent material for safe transport of the entire BEACH set.

BEACH set includes two rear wheels with axles, front wheel with fork as well as carrying bag.  All wheels are assembled in few minutes in the same way as regular xRover wheel.

Fits to all sizes and versions of XRovers




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