The Austin tilt in space shower cradle from MMS Medical is manufactured from the finest materials and offers a huge amount of support.  The Austin Tilt in Space Cradle has an adjustable mesh stretched over a stainless steel tilt in space frame.  The mesh works particularly well with patients with curvature of the spine as the mesh gently wraps to the contours of the patients body.  We have learned from our 1 to 1 assessments that the Austin cradle also works well with those that have a tendency to lean, with a careful adjustment of the mesh it can be slackened to allow the patient to sink further into the mesh providing additional lateral support.

Height adjustable frames can accommodate various carer height and  promotes a better working posture.  The frame has removable clips and no tools are required to perform the height adjustment. The Austin Tilt in Space cradle comes with a gas assisted tilt in space function, this combined with the adjustable mesh seating surface makes this cradle extremely supportive.  Combine this with the included adjustable head support, foot tray and armrests and this makes for a very versatile tilt in space shower cradle.

The Austin Tilt In Space Shower Cradle is available in 3 different sizes – extra small, small and medium.

Key Features
  • Tilt in Space frame
  • Height adjustable frame
  • Adjustable mesh
  • Adjustable head support included
  • Adjustable footrests included
  • Adjustable armrests with padded infills
  • All mesh items are removable for washing
  • The Austin Tilt in Space Cradle comes in 3 different sizes XS, S. Other sizes available via a custom build.