The RAZ CAT ( Compact Attendant Tilt) Paediatric Shower/Commode chair is designed and manufactured specifically for the needs of younger users, adolescents and smaller clients. The RAZ CAT shower chair from MMS Medical is the compact version of one of our most popular shower chairs, the RAZ AT, which offers the most configurable postural management and user comfort.

The RAZ CAT is a multi-adjustable chair with a range of seat heights, seat depths, armrest heights and backrest angle adjustments as standard which allows movement within the frame to best suit the patient and the environment. The use of IPAS (Ischial pelvic alignment system), allows the aperture to be aligned with a user’s pelvis and the contoured soft foam goes further in reducing pressure.

The AT features a hydraulically adjustable chassis achieving up to 45° tilt and with an upgrade, a hydraulic back angle can be provided. The adjustable back offers tension-adjustment in the backrest to provide postural support to spinal curvatures and can offer a degree of lateral support. All accessories that fit the Raz-AT can be ordered on the Raz-CAT.

Features of RAZ CAT Paediatric Shower/ Commode Chair
  • Stainless steel chassis for durability
  • Height adjustable seat
  • Tension adjustable backrest – supports posture and provides lateral support
  • Tilt-in-Space to 40° – excellent for pressure management and comfort
  • Flip-up armrests for excellent access
  • IPAS Seat System – adjust the seat depth to achieve optimum aperture positioning
  • The base and seat frames retain the 18” width of the Raz-AT so that the chair can still be positioned over a toilet.
  • The base frame has been shorted by 3”, which makes the chair more maneuverable.
  • The seat frame depth has been reduced and a depth-adjustable back offers depths from 12” to 15” (to front of frame) or up to 17” with the front of the seat overhanging the seat frame.
  • The standard seat has an elongated aperture that works with seat depths from 12” to 15”.
  • Custom seats are available.
  • The depth-adjustable back provides growth capability, an essential component for pediatrics.
  • Back frames can be ordered in widths 14”, 16” and 18”.
  • Available back heights are 15” and 18”.
  • All accessories that fit the Raz-AT can be ordered on the Raz-CAT.