The Qbitus Sunmate cushion is manufactured using organic material from renewable and sustainable resources and low or toxic free chemical ingredients. Sunmate is a technically advanced memory foam with unique qualities; it is high load bearing, light in weight and temperature stable whilst remaining soft to the touch. It gently forms around the bony prominences to cushion, protect and support.

The unique formulation reduces and absorbs most everyday transit shocks by up to 90% and has excellent pressure distribution due to its moulding capabilities and reduces common peak pressure areas. Supplied with both vapour permeable thermo plastic liner and an outer cover.

  • Manufacture using organic plant extract for safety and conservation
  • Durable heavy duty zip, incorporating a bright yellow slider, making it easier to see, locate and use
  • Vapour permeable, thermoplastic membrane giving clinical protection against contamination.
  • Temperature stable foam maintaining microclimate
  • High load bearing memory foam which enables a higher maximum safe working load
  • Optional chip foam crescent addition for greater load bearing