Independence Through Exploration

The Importance of On-Time Mobility

Exclusively available in Ireland from MMS Medical, the Explorer Mini from Permobil is a power mobility solution designed to aid in the achievement of developmental milestones by introducing self-initiated movement for children with mobility impairments at an earlier age. The first years are about exploring to understand how things work. Banging toys together, reaching out to touch things and interacting with the world is how cognition and visual perception develop. The Explorer Mini is a developmentally inspired device that helps facilitate acquisition of key milestones by promoting self-initiated, independent movement. Pediatric power mobility are recommended on average at the age of three. The Explorer Mini can be introduced as early as 12 months.

The Explorer Mini is an ergonomic device with multiple weight bearing surfaces to help promote safe, stable upright postures. The intuitive design provides just the right amount of support enabling young children with mobility impairments opportunities to develop strength, endurance and postural control. The Explorer Mini gives very young children with mobility impairments the opportunity to increase their independence through exploration. Its intentional design, approachable aesthetic and growth adjustability encourages self-initiated independent movement.

At only 52 lbs, the Explorer Mini is a lightweight, easy to transport power mobility device that empowers families and children to explore and learn in home and community environments.