With its extensive adjustment options, the SANGOadvanced ensures ergonomic sitting and positioning for a long-lasting, comfortable restoration. A powerful drive, freely selectable as rear-wheel (RWD), mid-wheel (MWD) or front-wheel drive (FWD), provides optimum ride comfort.

One of the key challenges is ergonomic sitting and positioning. The seat module has a very wide range, in which fine adjustments and adjustments can be made for complete adjustment. Biomechanically running armrests always give the patient support in the right place – regardless of the posture taken.

With a variety of seat and back cushion variants can be counteracted the most diverse clinical pictures.

  • Castor wheels 9″
  • Drive Wheels 14″
  • Suspension on drive wheels
  • Frame colours: Red, Blue or Gold
  • Flip-up armrests
  • 50 Ah batteries
  • Swing-away joystick bracket


The Dietz Sango MWD Advanced is ranked No. 2 on contract HSE 9233 in the following category:

Lot 1.07 Powered Adult Indoor/Outdoor Adjustable Mid Wheel Drive

For Full specification of the Dietz Sango MWD Advanced on HSE 9233, please contact your local MMS Medical Product Specialist or call us on 021 4618000