The Oxford® Calibre is an ergonomically designed patient lift for the safe lifting of bariatric patients. Sturdy and robust, theOxfordCalibre’sincredible lifting capacity (385kg / 60st / 850Ibs) ensures it can cope with the vast majority of bariatric transfer requirements.The Calibres impressive safe working load combined with its mobility & manouevrability meets the unique demands of bariatriccare in today’s modern healthcare environment. To compliment the Calibre, Oxford have designed and developed a specialist range of bariatric slings, available from MMS Medical, helping to ensure transfers are achieved both safely and comfortably Made from a triple skinned, breathable material, they provide high levels of comfort and support. Available in five sizes, XL -5XL.The Class III rated, digital weigh-scale comes as standard and is perfect for patient monitoring. Compact and easy to use, with intuitive controls and dual display, the digital weigh-scale eliminates

Key Features
  • Safe working load 385kgs / 60st / 850Ibs
  • Integrated digital weigh-scale
  • On-board SmartTM Monitor diagnostic control box
  • Ergonomic design considerations
  • Large 6-point cradle
  • Powered leg positioning
  • Twin pivoted front castors
  • Specialist range of bariatric slings available