Ceiling hoists (also known as overhead hoists or ceiling track hoists) save time, provide dignity, reduce risk of injury, provide better positioning, free up space and reduce the number of carers involved.

The award winning OT200 Ceiling Hoist from our partners OpeMed is a cost effective, flexible solution that can be installed in virtually any setting.The OT200 is available with several options and has a wide range of track and accessories to allow installation in many settings–Hospitals, Nursing & Care Homes, Leisure Centres, Changing Places, Schools & Colleges and Domestic Environments. The OpeMed OT200 ceiling hoist is suitable for both Adult & Paediatric Use and compatible with a range of sling types.

Our Ceiling Hoist is designed to offer a modern, compact design and non-obtrusive option for hoisting. The OT200 is the smallest fixed ceiling hoist on the market with gravity powered charging which remains charged for over 150 lifts. MMS Medical has installed the OpeMed OT200 ceiling hoist in both commercial and domestic environments for safe and secure patient transfer in multiple rooms such as bedrooms, assisted bathrooms, pools and living areas. It is the ceiling hoist product of choice for Changing Places Installations in Ireland.

The OpeMed OT 200 Straight Fixed Rail Overhead Hoist System is ranked N0.1  in Lot 3. on HSE 12160 – Supply, Installation and Certification of Straight Fixed Rail Overhead Hoist system with/without Integrated Screen System.

MMS Medical offers a free,no obligation survey when considering a hoist installation. Our team provides a full design consultancy, technical assistance and installation service to all our customers. The MMS Service team will maintain and service your equipment for years to come.

Unique Features
  • Safe Working Load 200kg.
  • Suitable for Adult & Paediatric Use
  • Unique Hybrid Charging System – Automatically recharges whenever in use.
  • Remains charged for more than 150 lifts.
  • Compact, space efficient design, with no lights at night.
  • Hoist is capable of lifting from the floor.
  • Full range of track and accessories.
  • Quick and safe emergency lower without tools.
  • Retro installations to existing tracks
  • Easy and cost effective servicing without removing the hoist from the rail.
  • Bariatric 400kg option available.
  • Free no obligation surveys & CAD drawings