The JAY Comfort series at MMS Medical is a range of thick padded backrests designed to deliver comfort and mild positioning through a variety of contours (shallow or deep), all offering built in adjustment (tension adjustable straps) for improved posture and comfort. Suitable for Adults, powerchair or passive manual chair users

The JAY Comfort range at MMS Medical offers a simple and effective solution for clients requiring a solid backrest support to enhance posture and provide a high level of comfort with mild positioning.

Ideally suited for powerchair users as the backrests are heavier and deeper than the JAY Easy and JAY J3 but also can be mounted onto manual chairs for more passive chair users where product weight is not critically important.

Simple J3 Mounting System
  • Utilises the revolutionary J3 mounting hardware
  • Easily fits onto most manual or power wheelchair backrest tubes including ā€˜Dā€˜ type tubing
  • Brackets provide width, depth and angle adjustment
  • Can be easily retro fitted onto existing chairs in use