HIRO LIFT inclined wheelchair lifts make barrier-free access feasible without the need for extensive and costly conversion works.

The Hiro Inclined Wheelchair Lift has made barrier-free living one of the catch-phrases in modern architecture. Many new buildings are designed such that wheelchair-users, for example, can move freely in them. In older buildings, however, entrance halls and staircases in particular present obstacles that are often insurmountable for disabled people or wheelchair-users.

Made to measure and usually installed within a day, the HIRO 300 series of inclined lifts help wheelchair users to conquer buildings for themselves.

Hiro Inclined Wheelchair Lift makes inclined lifts for the private and the public sector using state-of-the-art technology. The lifts can even be installed on very narrow or winding stairs and over several storeys, without significantly affecting access on foot. All Hiro Inclined Wheelchair Lift models have sophisticated safety features and are distinguished by their very low maintenance requirements and their smooth running characteristics. Most models are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.