Short Rise Platform Lift

The range of short rise platform lifts (also known as a home wheelchair lift,  inclined wheelchair lift , vertical wheelchair lift or personal platform lift ) from MMS Medical are suitable for internal or external installation in both the private and the public sector using state-of-the-art technology.

With more and more buildings providing disabled access as standard, our short rise platform lifts balance the user needs with modern aesthetics to ensure they fit seamlessly into the building landscape. On the other hand, older buildings with their entrance halls and staircases in particular present obstacles that are often insurmountable for disabled people or wheelchair-users. A short rise platform lift or lift for wheelchair is again the perfect solution.

A short rise platform lift or external wheelchair lift is the ideal external solution when faced with a wheelchair access problem to a domestic dwelling and ramping is not feasible due to the length required to achieve the recommended gradient.

We offer a free-of-charge at home appraisal to discuss your home lift requirements and provide you with a tailored assessment and quotation. For further information and to arrange a free home lift consultation please contact us on 021 4618000 or email us at


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