SB200 is a screw driven vertical platform lift assembled using high quality materials and designed to meet the characteristics of ultimate performance and outstanding aesthetics. It is designed for use in commercial buildings, private houses and apartment buildings. SB200 can be installed into existing shaft or its own shaft which is constructed of special multilayered steel sandwich type panels or glass panels.

SB200 is designed for a comfortable use by all categories of passengers, including the elderly and people with limited mobility. The SB200 platform lift from MMS Medical fits perfectly in the interior of buildings, and in a variety of external architectural styles. In the case of internal installation the SB 200 has all the essential qualities of a platform lift : minimum overall dimensions no pit and machine room, silent operation and low energy consumption. The SB200 may be installed in libraries, museums, hospitals, schools, airports, railway stations. aboveground or underground passages or parking. Our lifts are widely used in private houses and apartment buildings.