EasyStand Bantam – Small

EasyStand Bantam – Small

The Bantam line of standers are the only sit to stand standers that can combine the option of supine positioning to create infinite positioning possibilities from 90-90 sitting, fully vertical standing, full supine lying and anywhere in between. No other standers can provide the amount of positioning that is possible with the EasyStand Bantam

Fits kids 36”-54” tall and up to 100 lbs.
Seat Depth Range (from seat pivot) 11″-16″

Why Stand?
There are many documented health benefits of standing including:
Improve/maintain bone integrity/skeletal development
Lessen/manage the progression of scoliosis
Strengthen cardiovascular system and build endurance
Improve Circulation
Reduce Swelling
Improve bowel function and regularity
Aid in kidney and bladder functions
Improve/maintain range of motion
Management of atrophy in the trunk and lower extremities
Manage pressure (ulcers) through changing positions
Improve strength to trunk and lower extremities
Decrease joint/muscle contractures.




The EasyStand Bantam is the only standing frame to combine a sit-to-stand transition with the added function of an supine stander. By alternating positions, a child can tolerate standing for a longer period of time. Also, when it is safer and easier for a caregiver to transfer and stand a child, the child will stand more often, increasing standing compliance. The Bantam fits kids from early intervention through elementary school.


Base Unit

Approximate Height Range 36″-54″ 91-137cm
Weight Limit 100lbs 45kg
Seat Depth Range (from seat pivot to back surface) 11″-16″ 28-41cm
Seat Height From Floor (transfer height) 19″ 48cm
Seat to Footplate Range (from front of seat) 10″-16.5″ 25-42cm
Seat to Footplate Range – Inverted Brackets 4.5″-11″ 11-28cm
Kneepad Depth Range (from front of seat) 2.5″-8.5″ 6-22cm
Kneepad Width 5.5″ 14cm
Back Height From Seat, Planar 14″-16″ 36-41cm
Weight of Basic Unit 54lbs 24.5kg
Frame Footprint – Standard 24.5″x36.5″ 62x93cm
Upholstery Black Nylon/Neoprene
Frame Color Green, Orange, Purple or White Powder Coat
Lifting Mechanism Gas Spring Lift
Kneepad (inside access of pad) 3.5″Wx5″H 9x13cm
Footplate Size 9 3/4″Lx4″W 25x10cm
Planar Seat Size 8″-13″Wx13.5″D 20-33x34cm
Planar Back Pad Size 8″-12″Wx10″H 20-31x25cm

Shadow Tray

Shadow Tray Size 21″x24″ 53x61cm
Shadow Tray Height (from seat) 7″-10″ 18-25cm
Weight of Black Molded Shadow Tray Assembly (add 3lbs or 1.4kg for Acrylic) 11.7lbs 5.3kg
Chest Pad Depth Range 0″-11″ 0-28cm


Mobile Footprint 24″x38″ 61x97cm
Mobile Handrim Height (from seat pivot) 12.75″ 32cm
Mobile Handrim Height (from floor) 31″ 79cm
Mobile Handrim Height-Tall (from seat pivot) 16.75″ 43cm
Mobile Handrim Height-Tall (from floor) 35″ 89cm
Mobile Wheelbase 31″ 79cm
Mobile Fore/Aft Handrim Positional Range (from seat pivot) 4.75″-19″ 12-48cm
Standard Bantam w/ Mobile Weight 70lbs 32kg
Weight of Mobile Option 25lbs 11kg
Mobile Drive Chain Tensioning Method Tension Jack-Screw
Mobile Wheel Locks 1/4 turn rotation to lock/unlock
Mobile Threshold Height .75″ Maximum 2cm Maximum


Frame Footprint – Swivel Casters 30″x38″ 76x97cm
Lifting Mechanism Manual Hydraulic Lift
Lifting Mechanism Pow’r Up Lift
Supine Positioning 0-90°
T-Style Handle-Extends (each direction) 7″ 18cm
Foot Straps – Range Over Arch 2″-9″ 5-23cm
Multi-Adjustable Footplates Plantar/Dorsi +/- 20°
Kneepad Height Range +/- 1″ +/- 2.5cm
Multi-Adjustable Footplates Fore/Aft +/- 3/4″ +/- 1.9cm
Multi-Adjustable Footplates Rotation 30° left/right
Multi-Adjustable Kneepads Width Range 5.5″-10″ 14-25cm
Hip Support Pad Size 3.5″Wx3.5″H 9x9cm
Hip Supports Width Range 8″-12″ 20-30cm
Hip Supports Height Range 2″ (3 positions) 5cm
Lateral Support Pad Size 4″Wx6″H 10x15cm
Lateral Supports Width Range 8″-12″ 20-30cm
Contoured Seat Size 11-13″Wx14″L 28-33x36cm
Contoured Back Pad Size 15″Wx8″H 38x20cm
Chest Vest 11″Lx9.5″W 28x24cm
Head Support Height Range (from seat, small planar only) 17″-24″ 43-61cm
Head Support Height Range (all extra small and small contour) 15″-24″ 38-61cm
Head Support Depth Range (from backrest) +1″ to -2.75″ +3 to -7cm
Positioning Belt – Hip Circumference 0-29″ 0-74cm
Swing-Away Front End Tray Height Range 9.25 to 21.25″ 23 to 54 cm
Swing-Away Front End Tray Fore/Aft Range (from seat pivot) +10 to -11 +26 to -28 cm
Locking Caster Diameter 5″ 13cm


Frame Color

  • Green

  • Orange

  • Purple

  • White

Knee Pads

  • PT50262-1 Slide-In Knee Pads

  • PT50264-1 Swing-Away Knee Pads


  • PT50234 Supine

Seat Adjustment

  • PNG50499 Easy-Adjust Seat Depth

Lift Mechanisms

  • PA5614 Gas Spring Lift Lockout

  • PNG50044 Quad Grip Handle Extension

  • PNG50070 T-Style Handle Extension

  • PT50020 Hydraulic Actuator with Removable Handle

  • PT50022 Pow’r Up Lift

  • PT50236 Dual Control

  • PT50016-1 Front Frame

  • PT50116 Front Frame


  • PT50177 Mobile

Mobile Tray

  • PT50246 Mobile Tray

Shadow Trays

  • PA5600 Black Molded Swing-Away Tray – 11″Lx19″W

  • PA5602 Clear Swing-Away Tray – 11″Lx19″W

  • PT50074 Black Molded Shadow Tray – 21″x24″

  • PT50076 Clear Shadow Tray – 21″24″

  • PT50204 Black Molded Shadow Tray – 11″x19″

Tray Accessories

  • PA3038 Hygienic Padded Tray Cover-11″x19″ Tray

  • PA5604 Forearm Wings-Black Molded Tray

  • PA5606 Forearm Wings-Clear Acrylic Tray

  • PNG50042 Hand Grips

  • PT30093 Hygienic Padded Cover – 21″x24″ Tray

  • PT50156 Elbow Pad – 9.25” Cutout

  • PT50160 Elbow Pad – 11” Cutout

Foot Plates and Foot Plate Accessories

  • PT50080 Foot Straps – 10″L

  • PT50082 Secure Ankle/Foot Straps – 10″L

  • PT50252 Multi- Adjustable Foot Plates

  • PT50278 Calf Pad

  • PY5636 Foot Straps – 15″L

  • PY5638 Secure Foot Straps – 15″L

Seats and Seat Accessories

  • PA3039 Hygienic Cover for Hip Supports

  • PT30084 Hygienic Cover for Standard Seat

  • PT30085 Hygienic Cover for PT50048 Form to Fit Seat

  • PT50007 Hip Supports

  • PT50048 Form to Fit Seat

Backs and Back Accessories

  • PT30080 Hygienic Cover for PT50054 Planar Back 14″-16″H

  • PT30081 Hygienic Cover for PT50056 Form to Fit Back 12.5″-14.5″H

  • PT30091 Hygienic Cover for PT50242 Planar Back 18″-20″H

  • PT30092 Hygienic Cover for PT50244 Form to Fit Back 16.5″-18.5″H

  • PT50056 Form to Fit Back 12.5″-14.5″H Range

  • PT50244 Form to Fit Back 16.5″-18.5″H Range

Positioning and Upper Body Support

  • PNG30318 Non-Stretch X-Style Chest Vest-11″Lx9.5″W

  • PT50302 Non-Stretch X-Style Chest Vest-9.5″Lx9″W

  • PB3049 Hygienic Cover for Lateral Supports

  • PT30066 Positioning Belt – 29″

  • PT30094 Positioning Belt – 39″

  • PT50008 Lateral Supports 8″-12″ Range Curved Pad

  • PT50086 X-Style Chest Vest – 9.5″Lx9″W

  • PT50088 X-Style Chest Vest – 11″Lx9.5″W

  • PT50128 High Mount Chest Vest Bracket

  • PT50216 Lateral Supports with Elbow Stop 8″-12″ Range

  • PT50218 Lateral Supports with Elbow Stop and Arm Rest

  • PT50220 Elbow Stop with Arm Rest

  • PT50274 Lateral Supports 8″-12″ Range Flat Pad

  • PT50276 Lateral Supports 5″-9″ Range Flat Pad

Head Supports

  • PA3035 Hygienic Cover for PY5626 Head Support

  • PA3036 Hygienic Cover for PY5628 Head Support

  • PA3037 Hygienic Cover for PA5586 Form to Fit Headrest

  • PT50062 Head Support – 5″Hx8″W

  • PT50064 Head Support – 6″Hx10″W

  • PT50284 Head Support – Form To Fit


  • P80246 Angle Locator

  • P80809 Tool Pouch

  • PT50280 Push Handle

Hygienic Cover Patterns

  • All Smiles Animals

  • Fancy Pants Elephants

  • Rainbow Unicorn

  • Sea Creatures

  • Space Race



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